How to reduce Cellulite?

How to reduce cellulite?

A lot of anti-cellulite treatments are offered, but which one actually reduces cellulite? Most of them are really expensive and have a temporarily positive effect. When you stop the treatment, the cellulite will return. The most important aspect to prevent cellulite from coming back or worsening is the obvious living healthy, which means eating healthy, work out regularly, don’t smoke and drink alcohol. To reduce existing cellulite you have to stimulate the blood circulation. The treatment that has been going trending lately that does this is cellulite cupping.

Other alternatives are regularly going on the vibration plate, and working out. The great upside of the cupping method is that you can do this at home, it is a cheap anti cellulite treatment and the results are amazing. The treatment is not completely pain free, but hey- who want to be pretty..

Reduce Cellulite

Cupping treatment - FAQ

Our original silicon cellulite cups do not only help your blood circulation to help drain the waste but also help loosen the stubborn fat accumulation by massaging them. This is a treatment to reduce cellulite. The advantage of our anti cellulite cups is that you can do the treatment yourself (or a friend or partner) and often has a better affect than expensive treatments that also cost a lot of time.
Reduce cellulite treatment - anti cellulite

What do I need for an anti cellulite cupping treatment?

A set of anti-cellulite cups
Body oil, cream or something that makes your skin oily. Of course it is best if this product is also beneficial (like hydrating) for your skin.
Cellulite cups massage therapy

Cellulite cups to reduce Cellulite

 Cheap treatment

 Easy to use

 Cups can be used for: anti cellulite treatment, connective tissue massage, facial cupping.

 4 cups in 1 set (multiple colors available)

Cellulite cups massage therapy

Cellulite cups to reduce Cellulite

 Cheap treatment

 Easy to use

 Cups can be used for: anti cellulite treatment, connective tissue massage, facial cupping.

 4 cups in 1 set (multiple colors available)

How can I use the anti Cellulite cups?

step 1

Oil your body. You can do this with actual oil, fat body cream, or if you do the treatment in the shower even shower cream. Most important is that whatever you use the cups are able to move around the skin easily.

step 2

Test which size cup works best on your desired treatment area. This has to do with the ability to keep sucking skin and not to pop off quickly. Whether this is your upper leg, but or hips, you can experiment which cup size works best on that area. You can use the cups your desired body part, even your face. But watch out with the intensity due to possible bruising. Most of the time the biggest size is appropriate for your upper legs, and the smaller ones for the area around your knees, hips etc.

step 3

Put 1 or 2 fingers in the middle on the cup (outside), and press the cup against your skin, let the cup ‘suck’ your skin. In the beginning you will want to easy on the level of suction. The harder you press the outside, the harder it will stick to your skin. Note: the treatment is more intense. However, if you’re a beginner this will also be more painful and make the treatment area more bruised. The cup will have a vacuum effect. Once the cup is set on your skin, you can start moving it around the treatment area. Long strokes, circles, just move the cup all over. At the end of the treatment (more on this below ‘how long to use cellulite cups’). For the last few strokes it is said to be best if you move your cups towards your lymph. A few lymph glands are in your upper inside leg (next to your intimate area) or next to your kneecaps. This will ease the drainage.

Note: It is very important that while you are doing a cupping treatment you drink enough water, so that your body can drain the waste easier.


How long do I need to use the cups in one anti cellulite cupping treatment?

If you’re a beginner you can start with 1 minute treatment per area. So 1 minute for your left upper leg, 1 minute for your right upper leg etc. If you do the treatment more often, you can increase the treatment as desired up to 10 minutes per treatment.

The more often you’ll use the anti-cellulite cups, the less painful it gets. You can still get bruises, even if you’ve used the product for over half a year, this is just a normal reaction of your body. But don’t worry, they will disappear.

You can start seeing the affects in a few treatments, however this is different for everybody. Some people see difference after 2 treatments, some after 2 months.

How often do I have to use the anti cellulite cups to see a result?

This depends on the state of your cellulite and desire for quick results. There are 3 levels of cellulite:

Low – You can only see the cellulite when you grab your skin or squeeze your muscles.
Medium – You can see some (not a lot) cellulite in relaxed state.
High – You can always see the cellulite clearly.

If you have severe cellulite it is advised to do a daily treatment to reduce cellulite visibly. Whenever you are satisfied with the result do the treatment 1-2 times a week to sustain the effect. If you have low or medium cellulite you can start a few times a week until the desired effect and then also 1-2 times a week.

Do I have downtime when using the anti cellulite cupping treatment?

The treatment to reduce cellulite with cupping can be painful. Some people experience no pain, some people experience more pain. Most of the time the rule: the heavier the cellulite, the more painful a treatment can be applied.

Once the treatment is done most people say the pain is immediately over. However the treatment can leave you bruised. So keep this in mind when applying the treatment just before going on a summer holiday..

Can I always do the anti cellulite cupping treatment?

No, don’t use the cups when you have:

A high fever
Heart problems
Musle spasm
Chronic eczema
Cardiac arrhythmia
Excessive histamine reaction
Neurological disease
Open/wounded skin
During breastfeeding